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What we 

will offer.

Capital Region’s Food Hub is being designed to create opportunities for small to medium size processors to scale up into larger markets through access to our shared HACCP kitchen. As an integrated part of the Food Hub’s services the Mustard Seed’s existing commercial kitchen will also be available to aspiring and interested processors when we launch in the Fall of 2021.  


Thank you to the processors and farmers in the region who took the time to fill out our survey this past spring.


✔Internet access throughout facility including multiple routers or signal booster    

✔Lunch room 

✔ lockers to store their street clothes

✔Gender Neutral washroom 

✔Loading bay

✔Staging area 

✔ Pallet jack and carts

✔Shared office space

✔Training space

Teaching Kitchen




✔Stainless Steel prep tables


✔VIHA certified

Existing Commercial Kitchen

✔1 Rationale Oven

✔6 lg Gas burners

✔1 Dead air oven

✔2 convection ovens        

✔Double sink w/sprayers

✔Triple wash sink w/2 faucets and 1 sprayer

✔100l Steam jacketed kettle (gas powered)

✔2 industrial Steamers (gas powered)

✔Large tilt skillet

✔2 xl salad spinners

✔Immersion blender

✔Robot Coupe Food Processor (dicer/slicer/grater)

✔4 work Stations

Produce Preparation Area (coming soon)

✔Salad Bubbler 

✔Salad Spinner

✔Root Vegetable Washer

✔VIHA certified space

HACCP Kitchen

Food Prep Areas 

✔Packing Table with deli container inserts

✔2 stoves

✔Steam hood

✔Stainless Steel Work Tables

✔Commercial Dishwasher

✔Stem Kettle and Steamer

✔Single conven\ction oven


✔Triple Sink



✔Rack and roll carts 

✔Station for on site storage and equipment

Storage Refrigeration

✔Short term and longer term

✔Large Cooler 17’ x 25’

Light Processing

✔Salad Bubbler

✔Salad Spinner

✔Root Vegetable Washer

Production Area



Sanitation and Cleaning

✔Hand Washing Stations

✔Commercial dishwasher  


✔Short Term limited space

Packaging Area


✔Weigh scale

✔Vacuum Sealer

Dry Storage 

✔Space for pallets of boxes and finished product

In Planning Stage

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